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Already asked for a mandatory CH maintenance?

Since 2006 the law requires that you have your central heating boiler maintained regularly. And that´s a good thing, too, because it can significantly extend the service life of this expensive piece of equipment. But how do you know whether your central heating boiler falls within the scope of the legislation?

You are obliged to have your heating boiler inspected every two years if your gas boiler falls under 70kW. Condensing gas boilers with a power of more than 70kW must be inspected annually, and the same applies for heating oil boilers.

Why should you have this done? Identifying minor defects early saves you from having to do major repairs later. A part either wears out over the years, or it breaks. Given that real problems often arise during the frost period, it is recommended to organise your maintenance in good time. If you already schedule your CH maintenance during the summer months, you can be confident of having a well-functioning boiler in the winter. Once you are registered by us in the maintenance system, you receive each year a no-obligation notice letter to remind you about your CH maintenance.

Moreover, if you have your central heating installation maintained by Seys & Co, we´ll share many tips with you for optimising performance (and thus saving money). Your comfort: that´s what we work for.

In order to guarantee a smooth follow-up of your request, we ask you to be sure to mention the make and model of your boiler together with your request.

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