Central heating 

In Belgium, a good heating installation is indispensable. A pleasant temperature is essential for your living comfort, so it´s important that you be assisted in making your choice. Differences in quality are often only noticed after several years. After installation, we can organise the mandatory inspections for you: our professionals are qualified to do this.

You can also always count on us for advice.

Condensing boilers

Want blissful heating comfort and high efficiency? Then a condensing boiler is just the thing for you. The costs are quickly recouped. Ask for our advice on the premiums.

Boiler rooms

Do you want a boiler of 70 Kw or more? Then it has to be installed in its own separate boiler room. Because this always entails a great deal of customised work, we´re happy to help you set up the boiler room with the proper equipment.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps draw 80% of their energy from the environment – which is not only good for the environment, but for your wallet as well! The consumption is much lower than for a traditional boiler.

Solar water heaters

Heat your sanitary water with the sun´s energy. You can save a lot of money by using solar collectors installed on your roof. Moreover, the system generates very little pollution.